May 01 2007

Kevin Seminar Completed

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Usually when I attend a seminar out of town I go to the location of the seminar and get a hotel or stay by a friends house. This time I had the bright idea that it would be cheaper to drive to Calgary in the morning and home at night for both days. This would have been good if I did not get sick. The ride home Saturday night and the trip both ways on Sunday was a painful experience. But in the end I saved money on the hotel so I guess it was all worth it.

During the seminar we did some exercises based on the martial art Hoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu. This is an art that was created by the late Dr. Glenn Morris. It focuses primarily on the internal aspects of the martial arts. The first day was centered primarily on meditation and how it applies to martial techniques. The second day we focused more on beating up bozos.

Kevin who ran the seminar was very positive and kind as usual, (both things people know that I am not). We compared notes on different Kukishinden ryu kata which was nice. I like to see how others interpreted kata. He also let me know he would be in Grand Prairie in late June which I plan on attending.

Lastly I like to thank Mel for her concern about my health. I will be fine.

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