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Oct 30 2008

Taihen Jutusu

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In senseis class on Tuesday we were hammered.  The things we were doing were the basic elements of taijutsu and many of us could not do it.

Let me start with a compliment, props to Eric S. on an amazing demo in front of Soke.  Doug Wilson put him on the spot but he did a simple and effective technique.  Secondly props to me making him so awesome, it actually had nothing to do with his hard work but my teaching him with no choice but to be good.

Ok now on to the other stuff.  As a warning to any of those who are planning on taking their Godan Test soon, it is difficult to administer a good test.  If you make the mistake of rolling out of the way before it is time, sit there and take the hit.  Try again some other time.  If you are rolling away five or six or seven times before the actual swing, you are not ready.  It may be your nerves but if you don’t have the nerves to do a small test, what good are you in a fight?  You just need to relax, there is no rush for rank, it means nothing.  If you are not ready then don’t do it.

Don’t pin this on a teach putting you up before you are ready, Hatsumi sensei said it is up to you to take responsibility for your own training, if you can’t do that simple task, you have no place in an art like the Bujinkan.  There are many Jugodans out there, Hatsumi Sensei says many are not good teachers.  You must find one who can transmit the art to you.

Long and short of it, I dont’ want to see any more sad godan tests.  I know, I’m the bad guy.

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Oct 30 2008

My future wife

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As Russ guessed it is just more of my nonsense speak, but I will get to that in a moment.

Carlyle and Scotty,  (yes Scott it is in order of importance because) though I enjoyed your comments I feel a need to reply.  As you know I do chase after pipe dreams, I mean I am in Japan for a month.  Scott, how is work treating you?  Japan is treating me great, it’s a good “life” over here.

Now that’s out of the way let me explain about the girl who loved me for my money, which is unfortunate as I don’t have a lot of it.  I have now been to Japan seven times and repeatedly go to Akihabara (where you can buy all of the electronic stuff).  As many of you know this is where the otoku hang out.  So whilst walking I saw a girl in a Maid outfit advertising a maid cafe.  This is a place where girls serve you drinks in french maid outfits while referring to you as Goshujin-sama.

So my question to myself, being a computer nerd, why have I not been to one of these places before.  My comrade in arms was all about going to this place as well so we searched.  Following the map completely in Japanese we finally came across this strange place where we were treated as superstars.  I think they loved us for our money (buying $5 hot chocolate at the cafe), which sadly for both of us I don’t have a lot of.

See hearts so it must be ruvu right?

See hearts so it must be ruvu right?

So I have to say sorry to TNT (Tracey Natasha Trish), I am leaving you all for my maid, until I run out of money.

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Oct 29 2008

There is Just so much

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I have a few posts that I have to do.  I have not decided the order for it yet.  So I will let you decide.

–  My future Wife

–  Taihen Jutsu

–  Oguri Sensei’s Class

–  Training with Paul Masse

Let me know.

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Oct 25 2008

When I get back ask me about civic responsibility

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I will keep this short.  It was a very interesting day.  Ask me about it when I get home.

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Oct 24 2008

Do the technique like you are just that cool

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So Hatsumi Sensei’s class tonight was interesting.  The title

Do the technique like you’re just that cool

is what he said regarding the attitude that you should have.  He also talked about this ridiculousness that you should have like Jackie Chan.  Also he added that you should not do things perfect, because perfect things can be broken flawed things can not. No I am not making this up, I am not that creative.

So that’s three checks, I am not perfect (though damn close), I am ridiculous and I am just that cool.

Anyhow long and short of this is I made it to Japan safely.  Went to Sensei’s class.  Eric was throwing out weak sauce techniques as if they were strong and the dollar lost a lot of value.  A Japanton semianr will take place a week after I get back.  Oh and I am starting to get sad cause I realize Trish is leaving to work overseas a week after I get back.

That’s all for tonight tomorrow two classes and maybe work on the Zero Point website.

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Oct 21 2008

Kevin Seminar in Review (October 2008)

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I will properly post on this over the next few days.  I am getting ready for my flight to Japan tomorrow.  I have a good 16 hours of travel time to produce a three paragraph review.

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Oct 20 2008

Nagato Sensei’s Kihon

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I was asked a question about Nagato Sensei’s Kihon.  I want to touch on this after I have a chance to go over his newly formed Kihon classes.  Well they are not that new, but they started after I had left Japan in May of this year.  As a result I can’t fairly give an opinion of his Kihon classes.

What I can tell you what I like about Nagato sensei’s movement.  Something that I picked up on my second trip to Japan which sticks to me to this very day is his distance.  We were doing ganseki nage, as demonstrated by Timmy, and then it was time for some Japanese shihan addition.  What struck me is he emphasized being at a range where you could move the opponents fist to either side.  Basically being just out of range so you could approach for the nage or maybe a musha dori.

So if you look at anything in a Nagato class, understand that distance.

Adding More to the Post after a Nagato class

So after attending a class where the order of the day was temakura I can comment a bit more.  This was not a “basics class” by name but the technique was a basic one so let’s have at her.

The first thing I will note is once again the distance that Nagato took allowed free foot movement.  Secondly there was an emphasis on covering the other weapons of the opponents as you moved through the technique.

Now to touch on the comment about battle effectiveness, the techniques were solid as with the other main Japanese shihan.  I would not put it on a scale of more or less battle effective because from experience using techniques in a self defence situation, techniques are battle effective when used under the correct conditions.  I will say that when we were using hanbo we were told to attack other groups as we did the techniques.  This builds an awareness which is needed for combat.  So in that sense the training was combat effective.

Anyhow that’s all for now, I will continue to go to the classes and see what basics I can pilfer from Nagato.

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Oct 16 2008

You can’t learn true budo by video

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This goes for written material as well.  The thing that constantly amazes me is what people see as effective budo and what actually feels like effective budo.  I have been pointed once again to the YouTube to watch martial arts video.  This is of course always a toss up as you don’t know what quality of information you will receive.  You can be watching a demo from someone you know is good, but as a result of teaching or trying to explain fine points it looks like garbage.  You can also see lousy practitioners seeming great because of awesome camera work.

I guess what I would like to pass on to all of those reading is you can’t trust your eyes when it comes to Budo.  If you try to use your eyes alone, you won’t know what’s really going on.  There is an element to true budo that requires a feeling.  If it were not like this Japan would not be a trip which is neccessary to make.

Judge what is good and bad by feeling it, not by seeing it on video.

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Oct 14 2008

Vote Today Canadians

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I will not tell you for whom you need to vote.  That is not how I do things.  We are a democracy, it works because of our participation.  People have bled an died for our freedom, the very least we can do is find out enough about the candiates and parties to vote.  We do not realize how good we have it in Canada with our freedom.  Apathy will result in that freedom being taken away.  Please Vote.

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Oct 14 2008

Reader Question #1

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I have received a question.

I was hoping you could talk about the foundation of peace and what you think it is.  The reason I am asking this is because of the following quote ‘Know that the secret of Tai Jutsu is the foundation of Peace.  If you learn this, you can walk the path of the immovable heart’.

I was hoping that the question would be specifically about training and not about some philosophical concept that I will answer in a way, which no one will understand.  It is not like I am a philosophical Tai Jutsu master or anything like that.  All that said I put myself out there with each post so here we go.

I will not get into a debate about the foundation of peace for nations.  I am sure that this is a debate that can be better handled for those whom are well studied and experienced.  So how can I as a citizen of Canada live a peaceful life?  What does this have to do with the secret of Tai Jutsu.  I heard Hatsumi Sensei say that he hopes to make enough good people (good natured I am guessing) strong so that those whom are bad will not be able to act without fear or action.

Is it enough just to defend yourself?  Will you have an immovable heart if you are safe but you see cruelty to others and stand by without action?

Right before the line that was provided as part of the question came the following.

The tradition of the Bujinkan recognizes nature and the universality of all human life, and is aware of that which flows naturally between the two parts:

All human life includes the scum that would threaten the life of those whom you hold dear.  Can you maintain fudoshin while dealing with someone like this?  Can you see the value in the life of such an abhorrent individual?  Can you spend 5 minutes to help a stranger, or can you put your life on the line to help.

Anyhow I know I didn’t answer the question as much as asking more questions.  I guess that means I do not know the secret.  I invite anyone to please give your feedback on this question.  Oh and if you have training questions ask those.  I am better at those.

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