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May 05 2013

What was the feeling?

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I have a theory about asking people what a technique felt like.  I don’t think that is a class teaching tool, I think it’s a self realization tool.

Hatsumi Sensei often says that it is important to have the control it takes to move your ears.  As it stands moving your ears is a skill that you have to learn.  You can’t be taught, you can’t be helped you just have to try it until you can do it.  Budo seems to be the same way.

Hatsumi Sensei experienced Budo through his teacher Takamatsu.  At the time he was learning there is no way he could hope to replicate the feeling that his teacher had.  At least not until he had some more experience.

So now the problem.  You have experienced the techniques and know what they feel like so how do you know if you do them correctly?  My suspicion is when your students have the same reaction that you did.

I believe that at first perhaps, the question of how did that feel was just to make sure that Hatsumi Sensei was on the right track with his techniques.  So over the next few months/years when I am training with you one on one and ask what did that feel like I’m not trying to be pretentious I am trying to study.

Your life is on the line, practise well.

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May 04 2013


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Please if you are coming to Japan practice your ukemi before you get here.  I was having a conversation with a Japanese Shihan who said that we could not practice of the techniques that I wanted to practice because no one in the room (present company excluded) had ukemi on a level that was able to handle the techniques.

What is the point of coming to Japan to learn if you can’t learn the techniques because there is no safe way to practise it?  For the majority of us ukemi is what we will need the most in our daily life, how can you ignore this essential part of training?

I know I am just a little miffed because I didn’t get the training that I was looking for, but this is  a problem.  If you don’t have ukemi understand you will be holding training back.

Your life is on the line, practise well.

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