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Sep 30 2007

Rob Renner Shinnenjutsu Seminar

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Had a lot of fun at the seminar.  Working on getting DVDs for those who attended.  Finally a break from stress though.  Thank goodness, I can work on my own training and planning for Japan.  It will be a nice change of pace.  Also need to setup the upcoming Randy seminar series.

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Sep 24 2007


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That’s right the Rob Renner seminar is this weekend. Hope everyone is ready. Or rather I hope that everyone shows up cause if you don’t, a world of hurt for everyone next class. I mean what other choice do I have?

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Sep 21 2007

Images a bit smaller

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Due to some complaints about download time, I have made all of my images a bit smaller in size.  Now anyone with a connection faster than dial-up can view them easily.

Are you happy now Kamal?

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Sep 18 2007

Japanton round 5!

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It seems like just yesterday, no screw that, it seems like ages ago that I arrived in the damp warm Japan air for the first time.  Three years later I am getting ready for my 5th trip.  My time off has been secured, tickets will be bought this week and I will be ready to go.  Except for the whole money thing, but I will worry about that when I am in Japan.

Before I get there I have the small task of writing 4 university finals and hosting a seminar.  No big deal really, I am the man who makes the impossible possible after all.

I am looking forward to seeing people from outside of Japan which I happen to meet (or have for the past 3 years) in Japan.  I have also been promised some training with Doug Wilson.  I am sure that will be alright.  I mean he only has been living in Japan since the mid 90’s.  Oh and he is only responsible for translating Hatsumi Sensei’s books, so no big deal.

I will keep you up on my progress and probably fix the image link today.

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Sep 12 2007

Oni Kudaki

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    You know, from time to time you think “hey I know this technique”. Don’t let this happen to you, because you will be wrong. Some jerk will come along and point out your mistakes (which is good) and show you a better way of doing it. This is all fine so far, the problem comes when you have to re-integrate the correct technique into your body and correct it in all your students.

Apparently to make the technique less painful on students who’s shoulders were not flexible, I raised my own shoulders so that I could demonstrate all the steps of the technique. This relies on strength, which despite what some people say I don’t have much to spare. Worse yet students picked this bad habit up. Ah well just have a lot of reps to do to correct the problem.

Thanks a lot Shidoshi O.

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