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Aug 28 2008

Thanks for those who visited for the special Guest instructor

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Thanks for coming out for that everyone.  As far as I know everyone who attended had a good time.  Look forward to an actual weekend seminar next year.  It will be held one week before the Edmonton Blues festival 2009.

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Aug 25 2008

Lubos Seminar

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The Lubos Pokorny seminar will soon be upon us.  So this is just a friendly reminder, let me know if you are planning on attending and if you need a place to stay.  I will look for some of his videos online and post them so you can see some of his stuff.  Suffice to say, I like the cut of his jib.


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Aug 13 2008

Kevin Millis seminar Review

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Just a little history, Kevin Millis is the first Bujinkan Shihan I had ever met.  That was back in early 1999.  Had I not met him, I would not know that Bujinkan Techniques worked.  As such I would not have stayed in this art.  9 years later it was interesting to see how far we have both come.

We did a lot of weapons basics.  That was great, I enjoyed the details.  Rather than going over the kata (which we can all find in a book released by sensei), Kevin went through the way of using your hands and feet, the methods of drawing the sword, how to handle rope.  This was probably my favorite Kevin seminar to date.

Lastly I got a book I had been waiting for since 2001 at a Fort McMurray seminar.  A book by Kevin, “Attributes of a Budoka”.  I will do my best to write a review on that as well when I am done reading it.

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Aug 11 2008

Jim is #1

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Some rumors have been going around about who is the most awesome Bujinkan instructor in Alberta.  Well I am here to tell you it’s Jim.  Now if you don’t know Jim, you better ask somebody cause you’ve got problems if you don’t.  Jim teaches, goes to Japan and is a cool guy.  Now I am talking Brock Samson cool.  The type of cool that you just have to take time to recognize on your training blog.

I summary, Jim is the most awesome.  Sorry Brian, Russ, Nick, John, Pierre and Natasha.  Maybe next time.

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Aug 07 2008

Kevin Millis Seminar 2008

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So, no class on Sunday due to a Kevin Millis seminar.  I recommend that anyone who can attend.  It will start at 2 PM on Saturday at Millennium place in Sherwood Park.  I believe it is 10 AM to start on Sunday.  Kevin will be bringing with him a book, which I have been waiting for since 2001.  It is on the qualities that you need to be an effective martial artist.  He has told me the reason it took so long is that he changed it from basically a list with details to a book with exercises that help build these qualities.

Anyhow make sure to attend the cost is $125 for two days $90 for one.

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