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Jul 05 2009

The road to Shodan

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We have restarted our curriculum cycle.  As I have mentioned before we are going from 4th kyu to shodan.  This will be new to a lot of the students as it will be new to me teaching the material.  For the longest time I have been going over the lower level kyus (higher number kyus) to get the basic movements ingrained in (y)our bodies.  Now it is time to get the higher level concepts integrated in your movement.

Many of the techniques which you will study over the next few months are going to be techniques you have seen before, I will just spend a lot more time on the details of how these techniques work so that you can become creative with their application.

I will warn you in advance, in the Bujinkan Shodan is not a big deal.  In Japan as a whole shodan is not a big deal.  It literally means lower rank.  It is more of an indication of dedication rather than proficiency.  As soon as you forget that conversations like “That person does not deserve that rank” or “We have a more stringent grading than everyone else” come up.  This is not the correct approach.  As soon as you get the idea that because you are associated with a certain way of doing things gives you a sense of pride, you have lost the point.  The rank doesn’t matter as long as you can survive.

If you are in a fight and have a shodan under a stringent curriculum but still lose it means nothing.  What is important is that you learn the feeling that Hatsumi sensei is trying to convey.  Once you have that feeling everything else will fall into place.

Your life is on the line, train well.

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Jul 01 2009

Three timings on kicks? Not exactly…

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I received a question a while back on three timings as it pertains to kicks.  Well in short it doesn’t easily.

I could very well get into a long winded explanation on the nature of closing the distance with kicks.  But I believe explaing kicking in a different way would be of more benefit.  We should instead look at your kicking range based on which leg you are using.

If you could please imagine yourself in a ichimonji of the gyokko ryu variety (quick pop quiz for my students) and think about throwing a kick.  I am guessing 99.9 % of you imagined the kick of the rear leg.  Well there you have it, you have established one distance.  Keep in mind though you can also throw a kick with the lead leg.

The lead leg is a bit more tricky because if you don’t close the distance you are limited to hitting something/someone whom is already in your range.  The other option is you are hitting a target which is moving into your space.

Kicks are something that I feel we (as a club) are not very skilled at.  There fortunately is an easy remedy for that.  Training our kicks.  Although the theme for the next couple months is back to curriculum (4th kyu through shodan) I will make sure to practise kicks every class.  Please help me remember because this is something which is very useful when dealing with an opponent whom overpowers you by a fair amount (ask me in class).

Your life is on the line, train well.

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