Jul 08 2008

Getting hit

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In a fight you may get hit.  I view that as a failure on my part if I do get hit.  I don’t give myself excuses like oh in a fight you are going to get hit.  If you get hit you have done something wrong.  That said it’s always best to go with the philosophy ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’.

This drill is one that I shamelessly stole from Rob Renner (Zero Point Bujinkan Dojo).  It is called the progressive impact training drill.  This is a drill to get your body accustomed to taking a hit while keeping kamae and remaining relaxed.

Start with the attacker using their palms.  You slowly and lightly strike your opponent (to start) and the receiver takes the force and moves back in kamae.  As the receiver becomes more accustomed to it pick up the speed (but do not add weight yet).  This will make it more difficult to remain relaxed while receiving the hit.  When the reciever is hit he must remember to breath out when the attacks are aimed at his torso.  As the receiver becomes more accustomed to the fast pace, slow it down this time adding weight to the strikes.  Afterwards speed up the exercise with weight behind the attacks.  When you are able to do this the exercise must be repeated with fudo ken and all the other weapons.  Remember the Hiken ju roppo are what give the techniques of the bujinkan unique strength.

This will allow attackers to get accustomed to attacking with their full strength.  The receivers will gain confidence in their abilities to take a punch so that fear does not set in if they do come under attack by a real opponent.

If you need me to clarify this drill let me know.

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