Nov 14 2012


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It seems that over the past week and a half I have come up with a bit different view on the concept of Kaname based on what I have been hearing sensei say. The deep philosophy of this concept I will leave to those whom are far more familiar with Hatsumi Sensei’s language and background. I can only provide my ideas based on what I have heard, seen and felt.

Hatsumi Sensei has been talking and demonstrating kaname not as just a philosophy or an abstract idea of what the essence of the technique is but rather specific point in space in a specific moment in a technique. This point can change from moment to moment but it had a physical position in space.

Hatsumi Sensei had spoken about kaname being like the ougi (pin) in a Japanese fan, something that everything can rotate around. I am still trying to, wait for it… wrap my head around the idea. I will let you all now if I come up with anything more on the subject.

Your life is on the line, practise well.

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