Apr 08 2008

Rob Renner Seminar

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This past weekend my friends in Calgary hosted Rob Renner for a seminar.  The material covered was excellent, and the atmosphere was a lot of fun.  For all of those who missed it, you missed out on a great seminar.

One of the primary reasons why I enjoy training with Rob so much is that he reminds us why we train in the Bujinkan.  If he feels that there is something lacking in the training, he will find the missing information from Hatsumi sensei or one of the shihan.  It is easy to have something not work and blame the art.  It is much more difficult to say that you must seek out the answer within the art.

I will also add, he is one of the instructors who will show you that it works.  I recommend that if you are feeling a bit discouraged in where your training is heading, contact Rob next time you are in Japan and go to his kita matsudo classes.  It is a good experience.

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