Aug 29 2009


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In the martial arts there are few things as underrated as visualization.  I am not referring to crossing your legs into a full lotus whine saying ohm, though that in itself can be a good way to practise the concept.

This is a tool which athletes use, they set a clear goal, get a clear picture in their mind of accomplishing that goal then proceed with the physical action.

Recently we have been working on our tsuki (thrust, often refereed to as a punch), following the concept of visualization, you would go through some steps.  Let us assume you are practising with a heavy bag.

1.  I articulate a goal.  “I will move through kamae and send the heavy bag swinging while keeping my body relaxed so that I can throw a second attack if necessary.”

2.  Create a mental image of yourself accomplishing the goal.  “Take a moment ot see the tsuki being done and the desired result being accomplished.”

3.  Do the bloody technique.  “nuff said”

This is something which you should be doing with every technique while training.  It will make your home study easier, in some cases it is near impossible to effectively train Bujinkan technique without visualization.  I will get more into this when I write about self training.

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  1. Bon 11 Sep 2009 at 9:46 pm

    While in class
    I start to visualize myself doing the rolls before I do them
    this started to happen recently

    and the extra reminder is a great aid to my training

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