Apr 13 2009

Saving Lives

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That’s what we are about in the Edmonton Bujinkan Crowd.  I will just make short mention of it because I am waiting for a first hand full detailed account.  That said one of the dojo’s members was nearly crushed by a falling pipe (industrial sized) but used ukemi (a dive roll specifically) to get to safety.

This is why ukemi is important, I am a firm beliver that if you learn it well it will help you more often than the combative techniques.  Don’t disregard ukemi.  Your life is on the line, train well.

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  1. Leson 19 Apr 2009 at 3:18 pm

    Anton, just a quick note on this topic…

    Several years ago, I had a student, Dan Hoppe, who was killed in an accident involving a falling truck load of electrical conduit. He was unable to escape the avalanche of falling pipe and was crushed to death. It was a tragic accident and I miss Dan a great deal to this day.

    I truly hope that your friend is well and that you and yours may continue to avoid instances like these in the future. These occurrences may seem like freak happenings but evidently they are more common than one would think.

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