Apr 01 2009

Required Viewing/Reading

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I have often been told I am a difficult person to understand.  A friend of mine (Cliff) seems to have the best explanation.  I pack to many references in what I say.  If you don’t have a similar background in Education or interests you will not get a lot of what I say.  So I decided to make up a list of clips that will help you in class if you are having trouble understanding a few of my quotes.  You don’t have to like the same stuff, you don’t even have to watch it, (the required part was a joke) it will just help you understand a bit better.

1.  Venture Brothers – the guys in Calgary got me on this one.

2.  The Young Turks – when you hear me say “Weak Sauce” or “B-E-A-T, beat.” this is where it comes from.  (Warning some clips are left wing politics heavy for you conservatives reading.)

3.  Family guy – Self evident I think.

4.  Metalocalypse – because Budo is metal, and Toki is the man.

5.  Hamlet, Othello and Much Ado about Nothing – Cause I liked those ones.

6.  Bruce Lee Movies – Cause we are a martial arts class.

7.  Mas Oyama Trilogy – Cause Sonny Chiba is the man.

8.  The Strongest Karate – Cause I used to take Karate, and back in the day Karate was bad ass.  (Can you spot the Bill Atkins look alike?)

9.  Histories Strongest Disciple Kenichi – Some people who write about martial arts research concepts.  This is the best researched martial arts series I have ever seen.

10.  Japan Stories – This is from the shihan and other Japan residents.  I reference teachers movements and mannerisms as best I can.  You have to go to Japan to get who I am impersonating that day.

Oh I guess I better add some science fiction, Lenny Henry and other British Comedy (I think we should return to the gold standard).

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