Mar 02 2009

Carlyle Cupid Seminar Review

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As there is a video of this seminar as far as I know, I can’t put too much details in my review.  I can do a high level review.

The material covered started at what Carlyle feels the foundation of the art is.  It progressed from there each step building on the last…

This is harder than I thought, trying to write about a seminar without giving away details.  I guess you will just have to visit and find out what they have to say about the seminar.  From there you can also purchase a DVD.  Until I get the go ahead I won’t write more on this.

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So I got the go ahead.

Much of the material was reminiscent of techniques which I was taught when I started training at Carlyle’s Jihi no Kokoro Dojo.  The focus was on breathing and movement.

We spent much time working at connecting one movement to the another rather than on the differences.  Movement was the focus for this seminar putting aside other concepts (for the time being) to pass on what Carlyle found/finds most important.

A review can not give you a good indication of what went on during the seminar.  As Carlyle is a technical writer, the value is in the articulation.  If you are interested in those words (words, words) then I suggest grabbing a copy of the DVD.

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