Feb 02 2009

Hanbo training without the Hanbo?

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It’s madness I know but I did it.  You see the problem that I found with other martial arts where a weapon is added as an afterthought is you have to learn more than one method of moving.  No so in the Bujinkan.

Anyhow here is how the exercise works, do one of the hanbo movements against a punch.  Do it again changing the distance so that you can hit without the hanbo.  Simple right?  Well the movement should be if you learnt how to use that habo properly.  But check your distance, can you be hit?  When your strike is landing can you go into hitcho without changing your weight?  If not then you are not correctly anchored.  When you are working the tsuki are you practising striking up, down and strait through?

It is a lot harder than it seems but give it a try and if you have some success or discover anything let me know in the comments please.

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