Oct 28 2007

Sunday Training

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    Just a quick mention on the three classes I attended today.

First up was Nagato Sensei’s class.  There was much emphasis on distance for safety.  How to move at the correct distance to keep safe.  Three Kukishin Katas were done but I can only remember that tatsumaki was one of them.  You  know punch, punch, kick punch.  Anyhow I will show you what we did because Taijutsu can not be explained in words right?

Next up was Sensei’s class.  I was told that my technique was good.  For those of you who have trained with sensei, you know that comment is not necessarily good.  I think next time I am told that by a Japanese instructor I will apologize.  There was lots to be said about the way that you are to attack while doing kata.  I have to be careful in my training, not enough time is spent on attacking to win.  A uke’s we often go through the motions of throwing out a punch and not offering any type of realism when attacking.  The other side of this is not helping your partner at all.  You must start compliant and move to a point of resistance by building on success slowly.  For the most part I have noticed as Uke’s we know only resitance or compliance not the broad middle.

Rob’s training was last.  If you have questions ask those who have seen him.

Visiting Kyoto tomorrow with Alice.  Then Tuesday back to training 3 times that day, I hope.

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