Nov 21 2008

Skills and Levels (Japanton post #100)

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In Budo, I compare people on Skills and Levels.

For example, I have different skills than the other teachers in the Club.  When I am away I let Brian and Russ teach knowing that the quality of training will not suffer.

Someone like Lubos is on another Level.  I might have one or two skills which happen to be better, but the rest of the skills which he has are on such a higher level than mine that I have to go through a complete paradigm shift to reach his level.

Why do I mention this?   Because while I am not away you guys must train.  It doesn’t matter if I am not teaching.  I have very little to teach Brian and Russ.  They have a lot to teach you guys.  Anyhow I am back now so I guess I will just make sure to remind everyone when I next go to Japan.

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  1. Antonon 25 Nov 2008 at 6:29 am

    Oh I forgot to mention that this is post 100! Yeah for me.

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