Nov 20 2008

Back Home in First Class

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Well I had to spend 12 hours in MSP airport but I made it back safe.  Was moved to first class on the way back from MSP, it was nice.  One person mentioned they were in seat 15F.  Under my breath I said “Do seats go up to that many letters” which got a laugh out of everyone who heard.  I know I’m the bad guy.  Don’t worry next class I will be in Coach so it’s OK.  Now the real training starts, figuring out how to put what I learnt in my everyday training.

In my opinion thats the secret, practise of what you saw in Japan.  That’s what used to happen when we did not have a lot of information.  People would travel to Japan and take what small parts they could from the Shihan and bring it back to practise.  The problem is we have some much information, what do we practice.  The answer is simple anything we want.

Calm down now everyone, are at a 10 I need you at a 2 (thanks Cenk).  Kihon Happo is important, but the more I train in Japan, the better my relationship becomes with Sensei and the Japanese shihan, the more I hear them telling me about Kihon.  The small points in technique that we need to know.  So it doesn’t matter what techniques you practise so long as you know what’s important.

Anyhow I have three things to work on.

1.  Moving through the hips.  (Courtesy of Noguchi Sensei)

2.  Moving slowly enough to feel opponents reactions, but quickly enough to act on them. (Courtesy of Oguri Sensei)

3.  Capturing the opponents without strength.  (by Hatsumi Sensei)

I will take some time later to elaborate on this.  Especially if you have questions on one of the afformentioned skills.  Anyhow it’s time to rest up for class tonight.

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  1. Brianon 21 Nov 2008 at 3:23 pm

    First off great picture, I especially like the toe socks.
    Second, could you elaborate on “moving through the hips”. I am sure I will find out about this in class, however it would be good to share on here as well, I think. Is it refering to how you shift your weight in your techniques? getting rid of stop points? Or maybe moving through and displacing your opponents hips?

  2. Robon 23 Nov 2008 at 10:42 am

    Thank you for sharing your insights

  3. jimon 11 Dec 2008 at 9:53 pm

    Man, I wish I could get those socks in my size. Also, good post. :)

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