Nov 18 2008

Good Training

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I am leaving Japan tomorrow.  I am sad to go.  I told Noguchi Sensei I was leaving and went to shake his hand, I got a hug instead.  I told Hatsumi Sensei I was leaving, he said good training and be safe (he told the other guy be safe, no mention of training).  Japan is great, I don’t want to leave but I will again.  Canada is my home and I don’t want to stay away for too long.

I look forward to the real world again, training with all of you at home.

Oh and Liz, I did not go bamboo.  This blog is still written in English after all (no matter how poor).

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  1. erizabesuon 21 Nov 2008 at 6:12 am

    I really appreciate your stream of consciousness blogging here. And about the budo and Japanese…頑張れ

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