Sep 18 2007

Japanton round 5!

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It seems like just yesterday, no screw that, it seems like ages ago that I arrived in the damp warm Japan air for the first time.  Three years later I am getting ready for my 5th trip.  My time off has been secured, tickets will be bought this week and I will be ready to go.  Except for the whole money thing, but I will worry about that when I am in Japan.

Before I get there I have the small task of writing 4 university finals and hosting a seminar.  No big deal really, I am the man who makes the impossible possible after all.

I am looking forward to seeing people from outside of Japan which I happen to meet (or have for the past 3 years) in Japan.  I have also been promised some training with Doug Wilson.  I am sure that will be alright.  I mean he only has been living in Japan since the mid 90’s.  Oh and he is only responsible for translating Hatsumi Sensei’s books, so no big deal.

I will keep you up on my progress and probably fix the image link today.

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  1. Kamalon 19 Sep 2007 at 2:01 pm

    Why do your pictures take a year and a half (in computer time) to load, that’s just bush league! I thought this was a state-of-the-art, on the cutting edge of technology blog site and what happens when I try to snoop…I mean view some pics, that’s right! Nothing! Anton I expected better from you…. now you’re no better than Erin Mairs.

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