Aug 19 2007

Doug Seminar in Seattle

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I managed to attend one day of the Doug Wilson seminar in Seattle. Flights back from Seattle arrive around midnight in Edmonton. This makes getting to work on time difficult. It was a fun seminar besides the constant jokes at my expense. If I had feelings they might have been hurt.

Material covered was, well pick a kata from Kukishinden Ryu and try to move more freely with it. It was of course emphasized that you can only do this with a firm understanding of the basics. Doug felt quite strongly about visiting Japan and moving away from the 80’s style budo. At what point should you try to adopt this free movement that Soke has been showing for the last 10 to 15 years? I don’t know and Doug would not tell me. I am sure if you visit his blog at he might have it hidden in there like some type of insidious Budo Da Vinci Code.

Anyhow no pictures from the seminar, since it was done by a Ten Chi Jin dojo, they like to keep themselves low key. If you are showing up to class for training and want to see what I got from the seminar just ask and I will do my best to transmit the feeling that I received from Doug.

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