Oct 16 2008

You can’t learn true budo by video

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This goes for written material as well.  The thing that constantly amazes me is what people see as effective budo and what actually feels like effective budo.  I have been pointed once again to the YouTube to watch martial arts video.  This is of course always a toss up as you don’t know what quality of information you will receive.  You can be watching a demo from someone you know is good, but as a result of teaching or trying to explain fine points it looks like garbage.  You can also see lousy practitioners seeming great because of awesome camera work.

I guess what I would like to pass on to all of those reading is you can’t trust your eyes when it comes to Budo.  If you try to use your eyes alone, you won’t know what’s really going on.  There is an element to true budo that requires a feeling.  If it were not like this Japan would not be a trip which is neccessary to make.

Judge what is good and bad by feeling it, not by seeing it on video.

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