Oct 01 2008

What I do.

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I have recently been asked many times what I do for a living.  Well, my primary job is as a System Developer for ExoCube.  I am also a Computer Science part time Student trying to finish off my degree.  Beyond that I also develop websites when needed.  Haven’t had work doing that in a while.  I hope during my spare time in Japan that I will be able to do a ZeroPoint training website.

As far as hobbies go, I do wall climbing when I get the chance.  I try to go to the gym regularly.  As mentioned before I play piano, poorly but I still play.  I try to keep up on political happenings at least in North America.

So that’s me outside the Dojo.  Oh and I will try to keep this site updated once a week while I am outside of Japan.  On my Japan trips once every two days at least.

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