Sep 16 2008

Japanton Round 7?

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As many of you who know me know, I like to go to Japan for training.  That said if I have either Brian or Russ teach a few classes understand it is a direct result of my love for training in Japan.  I have some work which needs to get done for this trip to happen.  For the sake of my training and anyone who trains at the club I need to make it to Japan as often as I can.

In addition, Brain and Russ are both fine practitioners who take time to go to seminars and Japan when they can to improve their abilities.  Make sure not to miss their training if I am not at a class.  Missing it would be a mistake.

For those who are going to Japan with me the dates of October 22nd to November 17th are 95% certain.  I will begin looking for tickets so have your money ready.  Usually I can find something for around $1000 Canadian, it seems like this trip we will be looking more in the ballpark of $1200 Canadian.  I will keep you up to date on what I can find.

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