Sep 12 2008


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The kanji of the title is TenSai.  It means genius, prodigy or someone with a natural gift.  I have heard this used in a martial arts to describe many people over the years. Gichin Funakoshi, Kyuzo Mifune and Morihei Ueshiba to name a few.

There is an idolization of men like these in their respective arts.  You will often here in the more ‘modern’ martial arts that no one is or will ever be as good as the founder.  They were a type of genius that we were lucky to witness and will never see again.  So as it follows the next generation is always weaker than the last (in a Japanese sense of strength not physical power).

The Bujinkan is not like that.  We are in a living art.  If one of those TenSai can accomplish in 1 day that which takes us a month, it doesn’t matter.  We stand on the shoulders of 34 recorded generations and over 1000 years pushing us forward.  If we use the strength that we have inherited from those people who have gone before us passed down teacher to student we can rely on their knowledge.

We don’t have to rely on our own natural ability; we don’t have to have the knack for the martial arts.  If you could just win as a natural fighter, there would be no need for the martial arts.  If every generation could never be as good as the last then in a few generations there would be no point in taking the martial art.  An art that holds those who have gone before in high regard is good, because you can use their experience to help you progress.  There must however be balance with the experience, which you receive and add to the martial art to help the next generation.

Oh and to get the training, you have to go see a true Genius of the martial arts, Hatsumi Sensei.  He will get you where you need to be.  No books, scrolls or DVDs will get you the knowledge you need; Sensei and those who actively train with him are the only sources for this knowledge of the Bujinkan arts.  There you go a post by request, you’re welcome.

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