Sep 26 2011

Changing themes

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At the start of the year the theme seemed to be kihon happo.  Now it seems to have changed to the sunshin of Koppo Jutsu.  In all the classes there seems to be that emphasis of going to the eyes, ribs and fingers in techniques.  It is apparently women’s self defence and good for when you are older.  I think I will give it another 30 to 40 years before I make this my mainstay of taijutsu but it is good to know.  Also it is good to be able to teach.  The concepts of not using power and working on your opponents weak spots and angles has been a standard for as long as I have been training.  Mind you that has not be that long in comparison to some.  It is a humbling experience meeting up with people like Sveneric and Mariette in Japan whom have been around since the early days.

You know the days when foreigners could not find a place to stay in Noda because they were not welcome.  The days when all of the train information was in Japanese and good luck trying to ask for help.

We owe a lot to those whom have paved the way for us in the past.  Remember to thank them when you see them.  While your at it take time to thank the translators as well.  They don’t have to translate, it frankly makes their training harder.  Wait I need an entire post for this one.

Your life is on the line, practise well.

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