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Apr 26 2007

Tasty Dim Sum

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Just finished having tasty dim sum at Dynasty restaurant. I recommend it for the curry squid, though I did not have a chance to try the phoenix claw there. That should give me the strength to get through this last week of life in the real world before Japanton round 4 begins.

Time to start getting gifts together for people who have helped me in Japan (lodging, food, etc). Oh and I have to decide what gifts to bring back with me from Japan (which is usually decided by how much money I have left at the end of my trip).

Added some pictures if you click on “PHOTOS” in the navigation, you can see the first two, I will start getting more and include a description with them as well.

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Apr 24 2007

Getting Ready for the Kevin Millis Seminar

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For those of you who don’t know, I like to spend a whole lot of money to travel around North America and attend Martial arts seminars. This weekend there is one in Calgary by Kevin Millis. You learn more about him at He is the first high ranked Bujinkan member that I met (back in 1998) and he is quite skilled. So just in case people are looking for me on Saturday or Sunday, that is where I will be.

Before that, Tasty Dim Sum with Wayne on Thursday for lunch and the ongoing celebration with Nadia and Bart on Friday night.

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Apr 23 2007

Sunday April 22nd Class

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In class today we went over koshi sanpo and ryu sui iki waza. Nothing too enlightening besides making sure that you are in Kamae. This is probably my biggest sore point with martial arts in general. You learn all these great postures or stances then ignore them because they are not practical in a “real” self defense situation. I see so that’s why they exist because they don’t work. People have used them for years in life or death situations because they don’t work, but you who have spent a couple years fooling around in a padded room know better.

Sorry I just get a bit carried away when people ignore the foundation of their art then complain that it doesn’t work. I am done … for now.

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Apr 18 2007

Class April 17, 2007

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Last night went over the basic Kamae for the first half of class. Worked on Tomoe Nage and Yoko Nage for the second half. Not surprising that Yoko Nage can be used after a failed Ganseki Nage. If your opponent drops their weight to counter you can quickly take advantage of the space they create to perform the throw. My execution is not perfect but it’s a drill that I can work on and incorporate into the warm-ups.

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Apr 16 2007

One more try

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I am once again putting up for the world to see. Well not the world but friends, and co-workers who have demanded pictures. I will see what I can do about posting entertaining pictures, as everyone knows I am a boring guy and a lot of time in Japan is not spent “seeing the sites”. If anything interesting happens to me I will let everyone know. It is 17 days before departure date, it about a week it will be time for me to get excited. (Yes I am so boring I even plan my excitement.)

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