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Sep 23 2010

Time for more self study

In light of work causing the next Japan trip to be put off to the new year (Hatsumi Sensei don’t retire please), it’s time for some serious self study.

One thing that I have been glossing over in the past few months of training has been an emphasis on kamae.  When moving through a technique you should be in kamae/moving through kamae, appropriate kamae.

Aside from ukemi, the first thing you should learn in my opinion is kamae.  You start with your basic Hira, Seigan, Shizen and Seiza.  Because Gyokko ryu contains many of the basics of our art, I would teach Ichimonji, Hitcho, and Jumonji from Gyokko Ryu.  When you learn those and move through these kamae then you would follow up with Hoko, Doko, Fudoza, Kosei and Ihen.  It is very important to have correct powerful rooted kamae without surrendering your ability to move.  This alone can take some months to understand the basics.

The real trick to Kamae is being in an appropriate kamae.  It does you no good to be in a good strong kamae if your distance is such that you are in a position where you can not defend yourself.  Appropriate kamae in at an appropriate distance should above all be the focus of your training.  So I guess we need a good way to practise this now.

The exercise is simple take two kamae, take two of the 9 directions (I am counting the 8 compass directions and down by means of seiza, fudoza or another kamae on one knee).  Lets say forward and to the left is my first direction, and my second direction is directly back.  I will take my first kamae forward and to the left then my second kamae directly backward from there.  Then I will change the order of the kamae, then change out for new kamae.  After I have moved through all the kamae I will do that for all 80 other combinations of movement.

I kind of droned on for a while there so I am sorry about that, but kamae is something I have been thinking through a great deal recently.

Your life is on the line, practise well.

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