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May 26 2010

Canadian Tai Kai review, well sort of

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If you are confused about the title of this post well let me explain.  I do not like to review a seminar that I help teach.  I will say that I am impressed with the skill of the Canadian Bujinkan Practitioners.  I may be biased, well no I am biased but I do believe that there are many good practitioners in Canada.  You just need to be able to see them so go to the Canadian Tai Kai next year, you will get some good exposure to skilled budo-ka whom you can get to have do seminars for you without having to pay overseas airfare.  (I have some free weekends this year too.  I am not saying anything, I’m just saying.)

Overall I would especially like to thank the visitors from Japan, Craig Olson, Shawn Gray and Bill Brown for sharing their experience and giving their time to come to Canada.  It is nice to see the quality of persons that we have representing our country living in Japan.  It makes me proud to say that I am from Canada when I visit Japan because of that representation.

Your life is on the line, practise well.

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May 20 2010

Canadian Tai Kai year 3

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Once again the time has come for the Canadian Shihan Tai Kai.  Oh I will be there this year to bask in the teachings of instructors form across the country.  Last year I regrettably missed it due to circumstances beyond my control.  Not this year, I am currently writing this post from the comfort of the hotel bar in which I am staying.  (Drinking a Sapporo no less!)   So I hope to see many of my friends here and look forward to sharing the training ideas as best as I could understand them on and when I get home.

Your life is on the line, practise well.

A bit of self study before the seminar this weekend

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May 18 2009

Peter King seminar on the west End

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Well I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Peter King seminar hosted by the west end club.  The topic will be the Amatsu aspect of the art which has been pursued by Peter King.

There is more information on their website but you can ask me in class for details.  Please let me know if you are interested in going so that we can get some numbers and arrange payment.

We are very lucky to have continuous training of high calibre in Edmonton.  These opportunities can only continue with continued support.

Your life is on the line, train well.

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May 10 2009

Shawn Gray Seminar, Awesome

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How awesome was that seminar, ridiculous.

Well for a seminar review I don’t know how to do this.  The ukemi was challenging, the rope techniques frustrating and the sword techniques amazing.  Yes for taking so long to post about it I don’t know what to say besides I can’t wait for him to come back to Edmonton.

Shawn’s next trip seems like it will be in Winnipeg Manitoba and I will be renting a van to make the trip with anyone who wants to go.  Please everyone who was there leave your comments because I can’t begin to say enough good things about the seminar and the people whom were in attendance.

Thanks to everyone for your support, I look forward to more semianrs at your club or mine.

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Apr 29 2009

No Class Sunday, Shawn Gray Seminar

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There is no class this Sunday cause everyone cool will be at Shawn Gray.  Bring Rope and Boken or Shinai, no hard weapons.  Be ready for some awesome training.

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Mar 02 2009

Carlyle Cupid Seminar Review

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As there is a video of this seminar as far as I know, I can’t put too much details in my review.  I can do a high level review.

The material covered started at what Carlyle feels the foundation of the art is.  It progressed from there each step building on the last…

This is harder than I thought, trying to write about a seminar without giving away details.  I guess you will just have to visit and find out what they have to say about the seminar.  From there you can also purchase a DVD.  Until I get the go ahead I won’t write more on this.

–Post Continued–

So I got the go ahead.

Much of the material was reminiscent of techniques which I was taught when I started training at Carlyle’s Jihi no Kokoro Dojo.  The focus was on breathing and movement.

We spent much time working at connecting one movement to the another rather than on the differences.  Movement was the focus for this seminar putting aside other concepts (for the time being) to pass on what Carlyle found/finds most important.

A review can not give you a good indication of what went on during the seminar.  As Carlyle is a technical writer, the value is in the articulation.  If you are interested in those words (words, words) then I suggest grabbing a copy of the DVD.

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Jan 22 2009


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To all of my seniors in the Bujinkan from whom I have received so much, Shinnen omedetou gozaimasu.  Please take care of me again this coming year as it is quite obvious that I need some Budo help.

Now that I feel I have given enough time for those who read this blog to remember Brad and reflect on his words I will continue on a regular Japanton schedule.  I do not know when Japanton round 8 will be yet.  First I have to get ready for the Canadian Tai Kai which I recommend everyone who is able attend.

That’s all for now.

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Nov 25 2008

Still on Japan time (moving through the hips explained, kind of)

It’s 5 AM and I am starting to get tired.  I guess that’s what happens when you have nothing to do on a specific time line.  Because I am awake, I guess I should talk about moving through the hips.

Moving through the hips is something that I can not give physical instruction on how to do.  It is something that must be experienced.  It’s part of that whole “this art can not be taught” thing.  The only thing that I will mention is that a few people in the Bujinkan that I have met do this, fewer still explain it when they are teaching.

I guess it should have been self event, even to someone like me who is a bit slow on the uptake.  But never the less, if I can’t explain the movement, perhaps I can explain the benefit.

As I said in a previous post I got this from Noguchi Sensei.  In the past while observing this I had thought it was the use of his back muscles to generate this power, which may be part of it.  If you however recreate the movement you thing you are seeing using your hips instead you can create a response in the opponent which feels quite powerful even though they can tell you are not using your physical strength.

I have also experienced this while being twisted up by Oguri Sensei, it seems like he is using a lot of power, when his upper body is relaxed.  Lets be honest the man is in his late 60’s, I should be able to use my muscles and overpower him.  I have tried to be strong, it doesn’t make a difference.

Now if you are saying, “My favourite Japanese Shihan X does it too”, you’re at a 10 we need you at a 2.  I know that, but the first person to talk about moving through the hips to me directly was Oguri Sensei, the first one to explicitly show me to move through the hips was Noguchi Sensei which is why those two names were mentioned.

That’s all on this for now.  On a final note though, there is a Japanton seminar hosted by Calgary.  I have to drop a line for them since they are the only ones who will actually host me.

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Oct 21 2008

Kevin Seminar in Review (October 2008)

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I will properly post on this over the next few days.  I am getting ready for my flight to Japan tomorrow.  I have a good 16 hours of travel time to produce a three paragraph review.

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Sep 24 2008

Lubos Pictures

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I have them.  We are still putting the DVD together so nothing on that front.  I will keep those who were there up to date on that.  I will probably sell them on the site for those who were not there.

Yeah Taijutsu

Yeah Taijutsu

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