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May 16 2007

Noguchi Sensei beat me up

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Yesterday I was landed on my head by Cliff. Today Noguchi Sensei hit me constantly in the back, on the side that was hurting, in the face on the point which I landed and in the neck which has been causing me nothing but grief since last night. Next time for my own safety I will leave you at home with your wife and share a room with a rabid animal.

A picture of me and Noguchi Sensei for those who are interested. Oh and Cliff, let me know when you get home safely.
Noguchi Sensei and I

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May 15 2007

I am quite cross with many people.

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First off, Cliff for landing me on my head.  He did a shoulder throw slowly so I landed with my right shoulder down, unfortunately he had my right hand and thus I landed on a combination of my right shoulder and face.  It made a devastating cracking sound in my neck and spine.

Next Leah, if something happens let me know, or at least Cliff.  I would rather know and worry than not.  I would help send him home in a heartbeat if something happens.  To both of us you are more important than a training trip in Japan.

When stuff like this happens I get quite “put out”.

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May 13 2007

Emanuel’s Adventure

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I promised to have an adventure for Emanuel. So far I have done Kareoke in Japan and nearly got married to a Japanese Girl named Natsumi. I am supposed to meet her again on Saturday. I will keep everyone updated. Will definately post more pictures tomorrow.

Only a couple days left until Cliff returns to Ohio then it’s just me and Tracey-chan.

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May 08 2007

Quick Update

Had a chance to train with Doug Wilson, a resident of Japan. He is very good and I learnt a lot from him. He is also one of the translators. I was introduced to Hatsumi sensei, the grandmaster of the art for those who don’t know. Hatsumi sensei said that he remembered me. Doug went on to say that I was attending a seminar in Seattle that he was putting on. So now I am stuck going to Seattle in August. I probably still would have gone, I just would have liked for it to be my choice but I did get put in the lime light for just one brief moment so it’s OK.

I have money now because the post offices are open. I will finish paying for the hotel for the time that Cliff and I are sharing a room. Once the room is taken care of it’s just budgeting so that I don’t get carried away and buy too much stuff to bring home with me. The only promise that I know I can (and must) keep is the kimono for Alice. Mainly because I promised her and also because she was trying to help me setup remote access. She did her part I failed miserably but maybe tomorrow I will figure it out.

More pictures on the way shortly, if anyone has requests of stuff they want pictures of in Japan, send me an email through the contact list above. If not I will just keep doing what I am doing. Peace.

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May 05 2007

Golden Week = No Money!!!

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Well it is golden week, so Japan is taking time off. This also means that the ATM where I get money are not open.  This is not so good.  I will have to wait until Monday to get money.  Luckly the hotel has been understanding and have granted linencey with me.  Funny enough they do not take credit cards for payment.

Arrived Friday got to the hotel and had supper at Tokiwa’s.  Chicken katsu for Cliff and I and a vegetarian salad with tofu for Tracey Chan.  Yesterday had my first classes, Seno sensei and Shiraishi sensei.  Both were very difficult classes and I will have to write down notes quickly if I am to have any hope of remembering details of what we covered.  Will update pictures shortly.

20 degrees with rain today, 27 degrees with sun tomorrow.  Life is tough.

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May 02 2007

So I am afraid for my life…

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It occurs to me that I am temporarily separating my buddy Cliff and his wife Leah for the longest time since they were married. This is not good because I am afraid of her. I don’t know what exactly she could do to me but I am sure it’s bad. I will spend my night packing my bags with fear in my heart at the backlash of what I have done.

Just letting everyone know that when I next go down to Dayton OH and don’t come back to check with her first.  The only saving grace is that I was at their wedding in the wedding party.  I will post a picture of the two of them soon.

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May 01 2007

Kevin Seminar Completed

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Usually when I attend a seminar out of town I go to the location of the seminar and get a hotel or stay by a friends house. This time I had the bright idea that it would be cheaper to drive to Calgary in the morning and home at night for both days. This would have been good if I did not get sick. The ride home Saturday night and the trip both ways on Sunday was a painful experience. But in the end I saved money on the hotel so I guess it was all worth it.

During the seminar we did some exercises based on the martial art Hoshin Ryu Jutaijutsu. This is an art that was created by the late Dr. Glenn Morris. It focuses primarily on the internal aspects of the martial arts. The first day was centered primarily on meditation and how it applies to martial techniques. The second day we focused more on beating up bozos.

Kevin who ran the seminar was very positive and kind as usual, (both things people know that I am not). We compared notes on different Kukishinden ryu kata which was nice. I like to see how others interpreted kata. He also let me know he would be in Grand Prairie in late June which I plan on attending.

Lastly I like to thank Mel for her concern about my health. I will be fine.

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