May 16 2010

The shameful me of yesterday

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I have been relaying old stories about my training and the mistakes I made.  Like when I did a bad roll and couldn’t roll over that shoulder for three weeks.  Or the time I had to use my T-shirt to stop the bleeding from a cut that I got on my head.  Doing little demos of what I thought techniques were supposed to look like.

The reason I have been sharing these stories is  so that you know there is always room to improve.  I do not look back kindly on my past training.  I always am critical of what I have shown and what I have done.  The second I get comfortable with what I did yesterday I will stop improving.  I need to always look critically at my technique and find ways to improve.

Look back and see your mistakes, use them to learn and push forward.  Our art is one where you can improve as you get older.  Your understanding of distance and your use of timing are not skills that diminish with age but improve.  Remember that you can always find a way to improve.

Your life is on the line, practise well.

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