May 11 2010

The importance of Fitness in our Dojo

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Now this is a delicate subject around the Bujinkan because there are two camps in this who can not seem to reconcile what I think are small differences.

The first camp follows the philosophy that since the techniques of the Bujinkan do not require strength or speed, just distance and timing there is no need for any real physical training.  Further if you focus on your physical strength you will rely on it too much as well as take away from valuable training time on technique.

The second camp has been of the idea that the point of not needing speed and power comes after years of training and thus before you reach that level of mastery you need to have strength and speed and slowly you will rely on them less.

So as you can see both of these ideas have their merit.  In the Edmonton Bujinkan Dojo however we follow this philosophy:

The techniques of the Bujinkan can not be mastered unless you have mastered your own Body.

What I mean by this is not that I am looking to have students whom are super athletes, but those whom are aware of their physical limitations.  The goal that I have in mind for myself and those with whom I train is a freedom to move in their bodies.  With out that ability to understand your body, I doubt one would be able to master the techniques of the Bujinkan.

For most of us whom do not suffer from physical limitations which they have to overcome, we should strive to keep our bodies in good shape so that we are able to enjoy our lives and training for years.  I don’t expect that as I age I will be able to break any weight lifting world records, but I do expect that I will be able to keep flexible and mobile.  Light exercise and stretching will keep you feeling good and moving well so that you can master the techniques of the Bujinkan.  Our goal is to move like Hatsumi Sensei (b. December 1931) when we reach his age.  Don’t forget that protecting your life also means taking care of your body.

Your life is on the line, Practise well.

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