May 05 2007

Golden Week = No Money!!!

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Well it is golden week, so Japan is taking time off. This also means that the ATM where I get money are not open.  This is not so good.  I will have to wait until Monday to get money.  Luckly the hotel has been understanding and have granted linencey with me.  Funny enough they do not take credit cards for payment.

Arrived Friday got to the hotel and had supper at Tokiwa’s.  Chicken katsu for Cliff and I and a vegetarian salad with tofu for Tracey Chan.  Yesterday had my first classes, Seno sensei and Shiraishi sensei.  Both were very difficult classes and I will have to write down notes quickly if I am to have any hope of remembering details of what we covered.  Will update pictures shortly.

20 degrees with rain today, 27 degrees with sun tomorrow.  Life is tough.

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