Jun 21 2009

An intelectual realization

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In our budo, there is more than just the physical aspect of technique.  I am going to spend a little time talking about the mental aspect of our techniques.

Budo is a very unique activity which I feel must be associated with a intellectual realization.  Like music, art or mathematics; you can have the same groundwork with different results.  Through an exploration you will come to a moment where something will make sense and the task will become so easy you will wonder how you were having trouble with it before.

Two budo-ka of equal physical ability will not necessarily be even in skill.  This becomes apparent when you are dealing with multiple opponents.

With multiple opponents, you can not become attached to the techniques and skills which you have learnt in the past.  Sometimes you need to abandon your techniques half way.  Sometimes you have to take the initiative.  When you are at a disadvantage is when your skills are really shown.  You must be an artist, creative with your tools.  You need to know what to put in and even more importantly what to leave out.

This is a bit of a scatter brained Hatsumi-esque post but if you want more information on what I am getting at ask me.

Your life is on the line, train well.

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  1. Koshion 24 Jun 2009 at 3:06 pm

    This reminds me so much of yesterday when I was faced suddenly with two opponents and then a third… suddenly I was grasping for old skills. But more reminds me of a conversation with a Canadian boxing champ…. as for my western style attention span I remember him saying “you can train in a certain art ,but when you get in the ring to fight it is “you” that comes out and not some White Crane style or such.

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