Jan 23 2008

Seminar Dates and Other things

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First if you guys could let me know what a good date for a Doug Wilson seminar would be. So far as far as seminars go there is Rob Renner in Calgary (April), Lubos P. in Edmonton (September) and Doug Wilson in Edmonton (?).

Also an update on Tickets to Japan, so far the best price that I have found is $985. I hope to do better so I will keep everyone informed.

Lastly I have the new domain www.edmonton-bujinkan.com to which I will move the club site. I am still trying to sort out the hosting details but I will let you know when the transfer happens. I would like to attract a few more people to the club. I don’t see any harm in having a large club filled with like minded people who are interested in Martial arts as opposed to sports.

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