Dec 20 2007

Doug Wilson ground fighting

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There has been a lot of talk about the human weapon episode with ninjutsu. Mainly why did Doug Wilson grapple with a grappler? Well I will point out 2 things.

1. Doug was having fun

2. Did you see the shuriken on the ground after the altercation?

Doug was fooling around because if I know him he wanted to test himself. For example if the Judoka that was on the Human weapon really wanted to test himself and see how good a jujitsu player is, after he was up he could have taken the fight to the ground and see how he did. Doug did that, he won but he still closed the distance and the Human Weapon host got a win. No big deal it was a learning experience right?

Second, while Doug was grappling I think he pulled out two leather shuriken (throwing starts). They were on the ground after the exchange was over. I think they were pulled on purpose not because he dropped them. With the camera angle I can’t see it for sure but I am fairly sure that’s what happened. That was my opinion of the show, since I was asked.

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