Apr 08 2009

Seated Sei Chu Sen

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So I talked about the true centre line before.  The less space you have the more important this will become.

The art of Budo Tai Justsu works because we can control the space (well this is one of the reasons) and when we are doing seated waza it is no different.  This is why when you are doing the seated kata (or kata from a seated position) you must use your body to maintain the space.  This includes putting your legs and arms in a way that obstructs your opponents entry into your space (like in sei chu sen).  Having space increases your mobility, your movement allows you to control the distance.

Until we can effectively control the space in all situations (even seated), we can’t hope to understand the basics of Budo TaiJutsu.  Those who don’t understand basics in my opinion are wasting time trying to learn the higher level techniques.

Now I know that I have said this on numerous occasions in class, and I think that I may have mentioned it on this blog before as well but I am too lazy to use the search.  When you are practising something new, don’t go full out.  Learn the technique properly by slowly increasing intensity.  It is easy when dealing with “Ground Fighting” to go 100% with very little risk of injury.  Although it’s safe it will hurt your technique and taijutsu concepts.  You may win at first using speed and power.  It’s easier to build muscle than technique, but technique will win in the long run.  Build up intensity gradually and learn the correct way.

Your life is on the line, train well.

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