Apr 06 2009

Suwari Waza

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As those who have been at class know, we have started our ground fighting month.  I have decided to start with Suwari Waza because you can (or should be able to) relate the earlier months principals to this new situation.

This of course is easier said than done.  There are some differences between standing waza and seated waza and they are as important as the similarities in some cases.  I will help you out with one difference that could make all the difference in the world.

Generally when seated you have three points of contact with the ground not two.  This changes the points where your opponent is off balance.  Understand that it is a bit more difficult to move your opponent to an off balance situation however there are now three close points to take their balance.  Your opponent is a tripod, generally with one point of the triangle pointing at you.  This makes it difficult to drag them forward.  If you move them backwards though, you will find it easy to take their balance.  Going directly left and right might be a bit difficult however forward and to the right as well as forward and the the left are two more directions where you can more easily take your opponents balance.

This is very difficult to explain without either drawing a diagram of showing it through pictures.  Those of you whom were at class however should be able to see from whence I come.

Essentially I will break it down intellectually like this, if you have one point of contact with the ground, I can push you over in any direction easily.

If you have two points of contact, there are two points where you can be taken easily.

If you have three points of contact, there are three points where you can be taken most easily but each one will be harder than the two points from the previous example.

It’s easy to show but hard to explain, this is the nature of budo in general.  Everyone let me know if you need further clarification, or maybe I might even put a diagram with enough requests.   Your life is on the line, train well.

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