Feb 12 2009

A dangerous nobody

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This was a phrase told to me by a friend and teacher of Budo.

He said that those with no control are dangerous nobodies.  This is a true statement.  When you are training with a beginner, they are unaware of how techniques work.  Because of that you help them by not resisting which may just put you in a dangerous position.  This is when the problems start.  If the beginner (or person without control) feels that they have the technique, then put on the speed and power.  If you do not have good ukemi you can get seriously hurt.

Even when you are training with a beginner don’t let your guard down.  This is training for you as well.

Thanks for reminding me.  Ghetto Budo.

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  1. BRon 20 Feb 2009 at 6:35 pm

    This is a prime example of why one has to be serious in training in my opinion. You can have fun by enjoying what it is your focusing on in class. The techniques by nature are serious enough without some idiot beginner screwing around and, say, tearing out his partner’s shoulder by forcibly applying an omote oni-kudaki or giving someone some serious whiplash with a reckless shuto, just because he thinks he can, or he thinks the technique isn’t working. (which is probably right)

    Higher ranks are just as guilty of this crap too. No one including myself is immune to this either.

    You can’t train at warp-speed, nor at a retarded, slow-as-molasses, I’m-waiting-for-the-linoleum-curl pace.

    Hopefully this’ll help those people as well…..

    “Shut up and train!!!!!!”

    Or for the much more hard-headed, “Shut the HELL UP and train!!!!”

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