Feb 04 2009

We will fight, while standing, while sitting, while jumping. We will not surrender!

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Yes I know that’s not how Sir Winston Churchill said it.  But that’s the goal for the next three months.  A true understanding of material leading up to 5th kyu.

The first month will be spent against different styles of punches and kicks.  We don’t want to get caught in our own little world.  In the techniques of the Bujinkan, it does not say what type of punch.  So we need to work against retracting punches, hooks, uppercuts etc.  We need to work against kicks, snap kicks, roundhouse kicks, knees etc.

Second month throws, how do you deal with people trying to throw you?  What if they are using wrist locks?  If you are at the point where you need to take ukemi, you are in a bad place.  How can you position yourself so it doesn’t happen?

Third month ground, dealing with ukemi, taihen jutsu, kihon happo etc.  Can you do everything you can standing up on the ground?  Do you know how your movement works on the ground or are you going to just do what you see on PPV events?

So that’s basically what is going on February through April.  In May we look forward to doing considerable work on the top few kyus leading to Shodan.

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  1. BRon 08 Feb 2009 at 8:02 pm

    Long time no talk Anton, hope you are well!

    I don’t think it should be limited to the types of punches/kicks you’re talking about, either. For example, street predators when they attack are going to do it when they have everything on their side, including but not limited to: The timing of the attack, the surrounding environment and possible available environmental weapons at their disposal, etc.

    Words I don’t think do it any real justice.

    I strongly suggest you and any other martial artists (especially in this art) to read or pick themselves up a copy of “Meditations On Violence” by Rory A. Miller. I think the author does a great job of snapping people out of their bullshit delusions of grandeur and whatever the hell they think a real fight really is or what they think their martial art can or should do for them.

    Your training doesn’t make you bullet-, stab-,or knockout-proof.

    The author has a website which I checked out: chirontraining.com and also chirontraining.blogspot.com.

    Please do yourself a favor and check it out. I did and though I consider myself to be pretty jaded when it comes to books like this and others, there were several things that jumped out at me and still continue to do so and keep me on my toes in everyday life.

    Too many people in this art train like pansies and can’t take any type of pain during the training. Then you have the other type who like to beat the shit out of their uke but can’t handle it when it comes their way.

    If you train soft and slow ALL THE DAMN TIME, EVERY SINGLE TIME, guess what, you’re (not specificall you, Anton) gonna be surprised once you get hit/smacked/thrown/stomped/etc. for real in the street or wherever! You probably might bitch up and not do anything either. I had a few very close calls which remind me to this day to not take any person or situation lightly at all. Things can jump off at any time no matter where the hell you are.

    I’m off the soapbox, thanks for allowing me to post.

  2. Antonon 09 Feb 2009 at 3:33 pm


    the problem is scope, there has to be a limit. There must be constraints. You can not train everything at once while at the same time giving it due attention. That is the reason why there is no end to training in the Martial arts.

    My goal training myself and others is to help your odds. Getting you used to enough situations that you can make it up as you go. So long as you know the small differences (standing, ground, multiple opponents) you can work with it.

    Keeping training safe yet as close to reality as you can. It’s a difficult balance but one that I have to find.

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