Jan 26 2009

A weakness

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I have this weakness that I am unable to shake.  Every time I preform a technique that doesn’t work I blame myself not the technique, not the art.

I figure that the techniques which have endured through so many generations have done so because they work.  So if I can’t get the techniques to work, I am the problem not them.

Understanding this is necessary to improve.  I know many talented individuals whom have attained a certain level in several martial arts but that’s as far as they ever go.  I have trained briefly in may different martial arts out of interest but I have chosen my path.  I have chosen to delve into the deeper levels of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

I don’t feel the need for cross training.  I will not take away from the value of training in other martial arts that I have experienced over the years.  My love of the martial arts started with Karate 19 years ago.  I still think back fondly on the thousands of push ups from my youth.  The point is that once I saw what was possible in the Bujinkan, I lost my desire for the other arts.

Which brings me back to my weakness, I know the ideal.  I have seen an image of what I want my martial arts to become so when I fall short it’s just me.  I have no one to blame but myself and I can only look to myself to make it right.

I will see if I can’t create an appropriate Haiku to end this post.  Haiku’s are tough, I don’t know how Shawn does it.

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