Jul 29 2014

Drill from Class last night

Published by at 8:22 pm under Bujinkan Training Drills

There is a drill that I have developed that I have yet to name.  Those of you in class last night might be able to help me with that.  The purpose of the drill is creating a more honest way to practice the kihon happo.  One of the problems that we have while training the kihon happo is that the technique for the purpose of learning is static.  This is good for learning the mechanics of the technique.  We must however move on, so creating a randori atmosphere with the purpose of practising specific techniques is the end result.

Many people are still having quite a bit of difficulty making the randori natural.  This is not a problem it will get better with practice.  Please make sure that you train this drill often, it will help you get a feel for where and when kihon happo fit into the space.

Your life is on the line, practise well.

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