Oct 26 2007

Japan Day 1

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Arrived in Japan. Plane touched down at 5:25 PM Tokyo time. got through customs by 5:55 PM, fastest I have ever done. I am thinking because we went through Minneapolis/St.Paul many people were going on to further destinations and thus no trouble for us.

Arrived at Kashiwa by 7:35 PM and could have made class if I just took my bags and went to Abiko, after 20 hours of travel I thought against it. I did manage to stop in and see Toki-san at one of my favorite restaurants in Japan. You will see why soon. Dropped of some Maple syrup, happened to bump into Rob R on the train back from Noda, let Alice get some rest as I hit on some women at the Hub. A full day, tomorrow Ueno Koen. (Excuse me do you know the way to Bueno?)

Added some images, kept them small for Intuit bandwidth.

Tokiwa's Sashimi

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